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The album, “Made In The Bahamas”, is now available for download on iTunes!

Request ‘Paradise’ by Prozhan at your local radio station!

James Alexander, better known as Prozhan, is a recording artist from the Bahamas that moved to New York to be in the birth place of hip-hop while honing his skills as a songwriter and entertainer.
Growing up in the Bahamas, Prozhan was exposed to all genres of music from Rake and Scrape to Country, Soca to Hip-Hop. He recalls that at an early age, for him it was more about the rhyming scheme than genre. In fact today when he tells friends and fans that he grew up listening to Kenny Rogers as well as Otis Redding some can’t contain their surprise.

‘Made In The Bahamas’, the first full length album from Prozhan, is set for release on November 12 (11-12-13) via iTunes, other digital distribution outlets as well as physical CDs in Walmart and Best Buy.The first two singles, ‘Back Together’ and ‘Paradise’, have been well received and are expected to make the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.
‘Lollipop’, a 3 track EP, was the first album released digitally via iTunes and other digital distribution outlets on June 12th, 2012. Bahama Rock is the genre that he came up with that he feels best describes his unique fusion of hip-hop, reggae, calypso, country, rock and dance music.